Website Specialists Serving Small Town Communities

LBJ Computers LLC offers a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about websites. We love talking about Responsive Design Websites, meeting new people, and helping them decide on what they need for their website. Responsive Design is a process that will automatically scale your website for phones, tablets, and computers; giving your users the best possible experince no matter the device. We will take the time to understand and discuss your needs and goals and then design a beautiful website for you based on them. It is surprisingly easy to create a high-quality website you can be proud of with us. Make your website today. Call us at 608-391-0473, or email us at to talk about your website needs.

Design for Updating a Website

You can update your website with our custom control panel. We take the time to explain to you how everything works. If you have the skills to send an email, you can update a website using the control panel. We also manage and update websites for our clients. Many clients enjoy a combination of services. Making changes to their website themselves for things that need frequent updating, and using LBJ to make changes that only need to be done occasionally.